What Is Google AdSense & How To Earn Money Online With Google AdSense.

Google AdSense is an ad delivery network and advertising program by Google that allows verified publishers to show ads on their websites and YouTube videos to start making money.

Google AdSense is a free, reliable, and customer-oriented product from Google. It shows ads from its advertisers who are advertising on their platform named “Google Ads” before it was called “AdWords”.

AdSense is a way of earning from online content like websites, blogs, and YouTube video content. AdSense allows its publishers to verify their sites or channels on the AdSense platform. After successfully verified and approved by the Google AdSense team, publishers can show 3rd party ads from Google AdSense on their content.

Screenshot From Google AdSense Ads

Screenshot From Google AdSense Ads

AdWords or Google Ads is one more platform by Google where advertisers bid for their ads on its platform to show ads to Google’s partners and Google-verified publishers.

How Does Google AdSense Work?

Let’s start from the beginning!

Google is a free platform where everyone can come and do Google searches, using its web browser Chrome, and many more services like YouTube, Drive, and Photos backup for free. Have you ever thought about how Google earns money?

Google has many sources of earnings like Ads, Cloud storage sales, Its Google Pixel phone sales, and many more.

Only advertisement gives Google about 40-50% of its total revenue annually. Now let’s talk about what is and how this works.

Advertisements are the web ads that advertisers and businesses show to their potential customers in the view of conversion or brand promotion and many more.

You have shown these ads many times on the intent from websites to YouTube videos.

To manage the complete ecosystem Google has 2 programs called

  • Google Ads (Previously Ad Word)
  • Google AdSense

Let’s talk about the Google Ads program shortly!

Google Ads is a program by Google where advertisers and business owners create their advertising campaigns by selecting their ad creatives, Budget, Bidding, potential customers, and many more to show their ads to the potential customers to do any actions the advertiser wants like purchases, collect email & phones and more

Know More About Google Ads And How It Works.

Google AdSense fulfills that only. Google AdSense allows the publisher’s content to monetize to show those ads on their websites and videos.

This is not as easy as it sounds. To whom and from which locations or people the ad will be shown Google and the advertiser decides.

Factors like user interest, reading websites for watching videos, locations and many more affect the ad delivery.

Google AdSense ads work on PPC (Pay Per Click). Advertisers Bids for their ad clicks. When someone clicks on their ads, they will be charged. It’s the opposite to you as a publisher you will earn when someone clicks on the ads on your website or YouTube Videos.

Above this, Google also charges advertisers by impression basis some amount for 1000 impressions of their ads, and opposite to you, Google pays you for 1000 impressions on your website or YT videos.

How To Make Money Online With Google AdSense

Step 1: Making Money online with Google AdSense requires you as an online publisher in any field.

Step 2: You need to create a website or YouTube channel where the content will be published so that google AdSense can be applied to show ads

Step 3: After having some good quality content and some visitors to your website you can apply for Google AdSense.

Step 4: After applying to Google AdSense, their teams usually take 10-15 days to review your content and videos, and then as per policies and terms if all meets, it will be approved on your website or YouTube channel.

Step 5: When Visitors come and see the relevant ads or their interest ads and they click on them, you will get 55% of the revenue share from Google.

Kindly Note: As a publisher and Google as an ad delivery network, both come under a revenue share contract where publishers get 55% of the revenue shares and Google takes 45% of the revenue which the advertiser pays.

How Fast Can You Make Money Online Using Google AdSense?

The Answer is it depends upon the views of your website and the competing bidding amount of the advertiser. AdSense earning is a views game, if you have the highest number of views you will earn the most because the ads will be shown to the viewers of your content and they will click on the ads they show and relevant or interesting to them

Yes!, Here many people will think to click on their ads to earn the highest. Wait! Google AdSense has a huge policy and conditions when you are met you are inside the program. When you fail to meet, you will be suspended from showing ads.

And time to earn depends upon how many visitors your website gets. Here comes the term SEO (Search engine optimization) to make your website visible to most people and make many visitors come to your website or YouTube channel.

Learn complete SEO & How to do SEO on Websites.

How Much Money You Can Earn Through AdSense?

The Real answer is “It Depends” Some individual people makes Lakh per month and businesses websites & news websites Cores per year. It depends upon the country, niche, competition and website/YouTube traffic

screen capture of potential revenue can be earned

screen capture of potential revenue can be earned

As described previously, It’s a game of views. The more views your website or content is getting the more money you can make online through AdSense.

But As a reference, you can check this by AdSense how much you can make through AdSense by selecting the region and industries you are in or planning to start with.

Happy Earning !

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