Make Money Online: A Comprehensive Guide For Online Money

make money online

AI’s are replacing Humans in every working field, so a simple question arises “Is it still possible to make money online?”. The one-word answer is “YES”, you can still make money online. No doubt AI’s are way faster and accurate from human beings but humans are humans and machines are machines.

Let’s know the background of making money online. what it means to earn money online and why we show interest in earning money online. Then further we will discuss ways to make money online.

What does it mean to make money online?

Question number 1, what does it mean to make money online?

Does it mean to make money by not doing any work or by doing a little work? The answer is a big NO. Earning money online is a money-making method like offline, here only from the comfort of your home and by using the Internet.

It means that you need to use the Internet to earn a lot of money or some money according to your expertise and work level.

We can normally say that most businesses and companies are using the internet to make money online. Take the names of Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Zomato, Rapido, Ola Cabs and many more.

These companies completely depend upon the Internet to work and do business. Anyhow, by using the Internet to make money we call it making money online. But making money online is not limited to the above business models. It has many varieties of methods and many skills you can do or master that you are going to learn about in a little while.

Why do we show interest to earn money online?
And the next question is why do we all show our interest to earn money online.

The simple answers are

  • It is now trending
  • No limitations of earning
  • From comfort of your home
  • Work Anytime anywhere
  • Have variety of Business models and many things to learn
  • No experience certificate needed 🙂
  • You can start from scratch.

How fast can you make money?

Are you the person who is searching for “how to earn money online fast?” on google search. Let me answer your query. Have you ever thought about how fast you can make money when you just started your schooling? Have you ever thought about how fast you can make money offline?

That’s how earning money online is not a get rich quick scheme. It needs learning skills, practice and repetition. You need to have patience, work hard, and yes, in some business models you might need to invest some initial funds like traditional businesses. But do not worry, many methods do not need a single penny to invest. It only asks your time, focus and interest.

How to Make Money Online?

As described to you, here are 15 ways mentioned to make money online. All 15 methods described individually below. Read here for more online earning methods other than these.

I have divided the 17 ways into 3 parts. Soft Knowledge required, Medium Knowledge required & Hard knowledge required. The Last part requires a lot of time to learn and practice if you are starting from scratch and it has the full potential to replace your 9 to 5 job with a higher earning than the job.

Soft Knowledge:

  • PTC
  • Online Survey
  • Google opinion Rewards
  • Data Entry
  • Paid Reviews

Medium Skills:

  • Blogging
  • YouTube Channel
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelance Work
  • Content Writing
  • Virtual Tutor
  • Publish Your eBook

Hard Skills/Time Taking Skills:

  • Drop shipping Business
  • Web Development
  • App Development
  • Online Investment/Trading (Investment & Trading are subject to market risk)
  • Become an Influencer


PTC stands for Pay to click, It’s a newly introduced method of earning with no required knowledge. This method helps to make money online by just clicking the advertisements and the user can earn money online on ad click basis or hourly basis it’s up to the company.

Some companies also pay when you purchase normally from Amazon, Flipkart or any other online purchase sites by just accessing the sites(Like Amazon, Flipkart) from the paying company website such as Earnkaro

Here are some websites and legitimate apps which are providing this PTC service. You can check it out and earn money online without paying anything with no investment. This website below is a very legitimate website to earn, you can search for other websites here and research all legitimate websites to avoid scams. Like all industries many scamster also scam here.

Online Survey:

Survey is a way researchers and business owners research from the market to understand the market needs and gather data to make any decision or to make products or services.

And many researchers and businesses pay money to the people who answer the survey. You can take the survey and earn money online.

Here are some of the legitimate websites you can check out. You may need to create your profile and answer some information about yourself so your information will be matched with the survey requirements. If it fits with you, it will be asked to be a part of the survey and make money online by answering questions.

Google opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Reward is a mobile application which allows you to give your opinion for the asked questions. And to give your opinion it pays you.

It’s completely legitimate and developed by Google itself.

You Can read this article to know the steps to make money online with Google opinion Reward.

Data Entry:

Data entry can be a part time work or full time job as well. If anyone knows how to use computers, excel, word and other data entry software, these skills can earn a decent amount of money.

For a fully new person with zero knowledge, these skills can be learned easily and within a few days.

Many companies and businesses need their data to be entered in a good format so they can make their data useful and easy to access.

Learn about the steps, how you can earn money by typing or make money by data entry.

Paid Reviews is a method where you will charge money to review someone’s products, services, websites or Business listings from Google My Business or India Mart business listing.

There are many platforms and businesses which ask to review their products & services so businesses can know about their product fits and require changes.

Some points to consider here are many websites and businesses asking to rate them 5 Star fully satisfied ratings. These are called fake reviews. The main thing is you will get paid to rate them 5 stars. It’s totally depends upon that you will work which type of client, to provide fake review or qualified review.

Points To Note: All the ways shared in this part of soft/no skills ways to make money online. These can only help to start earning some starting money. It is not able to cover your monthly expenses other than data entry.

These below ways can cover your monthly expenses and if you focus on these ways properly it can also be your full time job.


Blogging is a very powerful money making method. Blogging is a way where blogs or articles are published on a website on the internet.

If you have some knowledge in any field, you can create your own website and publish your knowledge in the form of articles on your website.

Whenever some people visit your website and start to read your blog posts you can start monetizing your articles and websites.

There are many ways to monetize your article like google AdSense to place ads on your blog posts or by affiliate marketing.

I have discussed affiliate marketing on a separate method you can read about that also.

YouTube Channel:

You might have heard that video engages more of the audience. That’s why today’s short videos, Reels and YouTube videos are growing like crazy.

And when we discuss watching videos on the internet, 99% of the world’s population uses YouTube as a video streaming application.

You can take advantage of the trend and become an influencer to teach people about your expertise about something.

You can make videos from your front camera and record your lifestyle as well to upload on YouTube. In today’s time, we are showing many vloggers and influencers earning in crores by just uploading videos about their lifestyle and what they are doing throughout the day.

If we talk about the monetization of your YouTube channel, Google AdSense, Affiliate marketing, Brand promotions, sponsorship and many more options are there for you if you choose to start a YouTube channel.

Affiliate Marketing:

As we discussed earlier in this article about the monetization methods on blogging and YouTube channels, I have talked about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a way where you make someone’s product or service to sell someone. In one word you will be a middleman to sale someone’s product/service to someone by just reviewing the product or services or by just talking about the benefits of the products or services.

Take one example of Amazon.in, Amazon is a company where many products are sold to different customers online. Customers come and purchase from the company.

When you sign up to an affiliate of amazon, you can promote their products to your audiences to make the product sale. Because you make the product sale for amazon, you will make a commission of some percentage or fixed amount.
And I have already discussed earlier the ways where you can promote your affiliate products or services.

Learn the step by step methods to make money online by affiliate marketing

Freelance Work:

You Just had a skill mastered or learned.

Congrats! You can provide your expertise to someone else to help with its work and you can earn money without any investment in the comfort of your home.

Let me summaries the method for you. Assume you just mastered a skill of SEO or web developer. You can now start freelance work to provide your service to others who need it.

Where can you find the freelancer client? Who needs the service that you have expertise in?

The answer is there are many platforms where you can make your offer service as a gig and upload your offering information and price you charge to do that. The website name is Fiverr where you can upload your gig after creating an account.

Whenever anyone selects your gig, they will contact you to discuss.
This is not a single method to search for freelance clients.

Content Writer:

Content & graphics are the backbones of a business. Content writing is a popular work in India, USA, UK, England, Canada etc.

People make lakhs by just content writing. Some experienced content writers charge 10$ per 100 words and some writers 5$ per 100 words.

You can choose content writing if you are passionate about it or you can provide content writing service on freelance websites like Fiverr to make money online initially as a teen or student.

Read the complete steps to make content writing as your carrier or to earn money online fast as a student or teen.

Virtual Tutor:

Do you love to teach or do you have very good teaching skills about any academic subject or non-academic topics?. If Yes, then this is the right way for you to make money online.

Starting from teaching on YouTube for free to students (You can earn money from other sources like AdSense, sponsorship etc.) to creating your application or website to sell your coaching notes to courses and subscription.

Publish Your eBook:

eBook or electronic book is a new trending and easy access soft copy of a book that can be easily accessible from computer or mobiles on the internet.

Like traditional books, it does not require any hard copy so traditional paper will not be used.

eBook does not require printing individually to one and every one, eBook only needs to be created once and it can be sold for user reading without typing a single extra word to it.

Kindly by Amazon is a most popular eBook tool where anyone can list books to sell to unlimited customer.

Google Books is also an example of an eBook selling company.

Please Note the below skills that are discussed need some time to learn and practice. These skills have the potential to replace your standard 9 to 5 job and be able to earn up to your potential.

Drop Shipping Business:

Drop shipping is an ecommerce business model. Like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra and other shopping sites. You need to create a shopping website and sell the products online.

Using Shopify or WooCommerce making an ecommerce site is very easy nowadays. No coding skills required or no heavy graphics required, everything is prebuilt. You only have to learn the basics of website building using drag and drop and sell the products.

Here is a step by step Guide to Create a Shopify store & WooCommerce store By Website learners YouTube Channel.

The question is which products you will sell online and where you will get the products to sell online.

In this business model you do not need to stock the inventory, you act as a middle man to sell the products to the customer.

You will research the product you can sell online and fit with you. You will search for sellers who sell those products. You check their selling price then you will add that item above the original price from the original. And promote the product to buy from your store.

When a customer starts to purchase, you will pay the original price to the seller who is selling the item and tell the seller to deliver the item to your customer who purchased it. That’s how the extra amount from the original is yours. This is a better business model to make money online but it needs some initial investment on the store making, products and promotions of Google or Facebook Ads.

Web Development:

This is a skill that I personally love the most. Web Development is a skill that nowadays is on trend. Businesses, companies & individual people also come online to promote their products, services and engage with their customers.

And to come online, it needs an advanced website to build. Here web developers work.

And web developers can charge from 100$ to 10000$ as per the requirements.

To start with web development you need to learn the programming languages and markup language with databases creating and managing.

Also there are some easy to create CMS to make websites without any coding skills like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify.

Know more about CMS and its works. Also also check out how to create a website with different CMS.
But these CMS have some limitations for those who do not know programming. So, for more advanced functions and management of the website you need to learn web development by doing any web development course online or offline.

APP Development:

Like Web Development, APP development is also required by some businesses and individuals for many reasons. They may need to create an online store or any weather APP.

App development is also a hard skill which needs lots of time to learn the programming languages and practice it by doing some initial projects.

2 types of OS people use nowadays mainly, IOS & Android. And making apps for different OS is different. So, you may need to learn app development for any one or for both. APP developers charge the highest fee as per the project.

These skills are the most money making skills online.

Online Investment/Trading:

Before starting to discuss this way, I would like to inform you that this is a money making way where it has the risk according to the market risk. Your money will grow or lose according to the value of your investment on the market. But you can always learn & play safe to grow your money.

Share Market, Trading, Invest on Gold, Investment on land and many more are there where you can start to make money online by investing your already earned money.

You can read the complete information about investing.

Become an Influencer:

Influencers are the person who has an audience who follows them and influencers have the most knowledge about an industry.

Influencers make videos about their industry and the people who like the industry start to follow the influencer. That’s how people become an influential audience.

Influencers make money online but also enjoy the most.

Sponsorships, Brand Promotions, Advertisements, paid promotions are all the methods influencers make money online.

Final Note:

Earning Money Online has no limitations on how much you will make. It totally depends upon your hard work, passion and focus.

We have the complete step by step guide to make money online in individual ways described here. Read the article and start earning. For any queries and questions ping us on the contact page, we will make an article if really required.

Answering some FAQs people search the most.

How to earn money online without paying anything?

Earning Money Online is not a get rich quick scheme. All the ways shared do not require you to pay anything to anybody to make money online. You may need to invest something on you, your skills and your knowledge to grow. And some ways shared are business models which require you to initially invest to launch your business.

How to earn extra money online legitimately?

The ways shared in this article are all legitimate. But paid reviews, data entry and all soft skill ways shared here you need to be aware of scammers. Some people scam by contacting and asking for money to give you the job. Always avoid this type of work, there is a chance they are scamming. Always check the website legitimate or in case of direct client work, ask for advance money.

How can you make money online as a student?

As a student there are many ways to make money online. You can start content writing, data entry, freelance work, become an influencer etc. to start earning money.

Real ways to make money from Home for free?

The real ways to make money from home for free are freelance work, virtual tutoring, content writing, becoming an influencer and more. Generally there are more ways that need some initial investment on your skills to improve, on your knowledge and learning.

How to earn a lot of money fast online?

You can start earning fast if you have already mastered some skills like Web Development, Search Engine marketing, Content Writing, YouTube Channel etc. If you are starting from scratch it will take some time for you to learn the skills and to earn money online.

Are there any secret websites to earn money online?

There are no secret legitimate websites. Everything is public and legitimate to earn money online.
What Are some creative ways to make money?

There are so many creative ways to make money. Content writing, Graphics designs, Web designs, Logo designs, proofreading etc.

Happy Earning!

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