How To Earn First 100$ With Affiliate Marketing

Making first money is always special and if it’s online then it becomes more and more special. In this guide, you will learn about affiliate marketing and how you can earn your first 100$ with affiliate marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of marketing where businesses pay marketers a commission to sell their products.

Affiliate marketing is a free, reliable & legitimate way of earning online. It has the potential to make many dollars per day. Big businesses like Amazon, Bluehost, and GoDaddy have affiliate programs anyone can join and promote the affiliate links to make money online.

Different businesses have different commission prices to earn. All you need to research the best businesses where you as an affiliate marketer can join to start earning.

You can select the best affiliate programs to join with the following points.

Commission Price: In the selection process always consider the high commission affiliate programs. Because with this program -always have a chance to earn more.
Your niche: Your niche is always important for an affiliate marketer. Assume you have a listening audience for electronic items like mobile phones and accessories. But you choose to promote clothing items to your audience. Then there is a maximum chance that your audience might not purchase any products so you can’t get any commission.
Your Passion: Passion helps to continue in an odd situation as well. If in any case, it takes much time to sell your 1st affiliate product then passion is the key that will make you move to 1st sale without giving up.

These are the steps to select a program that you need to join and start as an affiliate marketer.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate marketing works as follows

Businesses start a program called affiliate program where anyone or any specified marketer can join to sell their products and as a return marketers earn some commissions described by the business.
You as an affiliate marketer visit their affiliate marketing page and research the commission price, policies, joining requirements and more.
Once you select the program to join, you sign up with the programme and once approved by the business or auto approved, you become a verified affiliate partner of that business.
Once you approve, you will see an affiliate dashboard where you can select products to sell. You will be assigned a unique  affiliate link for that particular product which you can promote anywhere you want.
When someone clicks on that unique link and purchases the product, it will be tracked by the business and once verified that the purchase was done by your link only. You can see the commission on the affiliate dashboard.
To withdraw the earnings, mainly business transfers the earning monthly basis and when reached a minimum amount set by the business. You can always read this in their policies before joining.
This is how affiliate marketing works and you can make money through affiliate marketing.

How can you make money with affiliate marketing?

As described above in the section of how affiliate marketing works, to make money with affiliate marketing follows the same.

The main part of affiliate marketing are

Selection of affiliate programme
How and where to promote the affiliate products/services.

These are points that decide the success & failure of affiliate marketing. If you choose wrong, it might not work the opposite if you choose the right you will see success.

Points to note, no one is perfect and no one can achieve his best in the first attempt. Success and failure is a process of life. Failure is not the end, you can always move further and start again.

How can you make the first 100$ with affiliate marketing?

You might know, starting is always hard, but once started it will always move forward.

Starting the first 100$ always will take some time for a newbie. But I have described my complete experience of affiliate earning to make your first 100$.

Research First!

Step 1: Open a spreadsheet or Excel to select the high commission products which can be sold by you.

Step 2: In 1 column add your interests and knowledge you have.

Step 3: Then search for the companies/businesses which have their affiliate programs that fit with your interests and knowledge.

Step 4: Assume you love to write and you can teach people how to write articles or you love graphics designs that you can teach some people how to do that.

Step 5: At the very end you need some audience or people who will become your listener to buy the affiliate products. So it’s recommended to search for the product or service which you have knowledge of and you can gather some people to listen to it and love your work.

Implement 2:

Step 6: Now once you select the program and products you will join with. Do it!

Step 7: Make Plan and strategies where & how to promote the affiliate products you selected,

Step 8: Write down all the possible ways to promote the product or if you need to educate people about your products.

Step 9: Congrats! You completed your maximum steps to start earning.

Step 10: Create an engaging audience to promote the products. There are various ways to reach global audiences or to make your special audiences who follow you and become your listener.

Step 11: Not only affiliate products, you can promote many things to sell or promote when you have audiences who listen to you and follow you. From sponsorships to paid promotions you can do many.

Final Note:

To earn the first 100$ with affiliate marketing choose the high paying affiliate program which fits with your knowledge and your interest as well. Find ways to connect with people by sharing your knowledge as people’s interest. Find ways to make people follow you and become your audience to listen to you. Once your audience is ready, promote the affiliate products or services which are able to solve the problem of your customer.

Happy Earning!

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